- CPAMs and Social Security Funds : a local network

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CPAMs and Social Security Funds : a local network

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Article mis à jour le 26 juillet 2012
In order to lead its missions, work with 101 CPAMs in Metropolitan France, a common Social Security fund in Lozère department (CCSS) and with 5 in overseas departments.

101 CPAMs in Metropolitan France

The Local Health Insurance Funds (Caisses primaires d'assurance maladie / CPAM) are private legal entities with a public service vocation. They ensure close relations with Health Insurance publics.

Their roles involve:

  • Affiliating social policyholders.
  • Processing healthcare forms and paying benefits relating to Health Insurance and occupational health and safety (reimbursements, maternity, disability, death, payment of per diem allowances and advances of medical expenses to CMU beneficiaries, and so on).
  • Implementing an annual action plan concerning risk management in relation with healthcare professions.
  • Developing a health promotion and prevention policy (cancer screening, deficiency detection, and so on).
  • Ensuring the implementation of a social and healthcare action policy through individual aids and collective ones that are respectively provided to insured people and to associations.

CCSS in Lozère department

This fund manages services related to health inurance, family allowances and contribution collection.

5 CGSS in overseas departments

In overseas departments, those funds - 4 Social Security General Funds (Caisses générales de sécurité sociale / CGSS) (in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyane et Réunion), and 1 Social Security Fund (CSS) in Mayotte group together services related to Health Insurance, old-age, and to collection of Social Security and family allowance Contribution.

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